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ESP INDUSTRIES LTD. is a leader in the Belarusian market of PET packaging. We work with the largest companies in the brewing industry and with the leading manufacturers of non-alcoholic beverages and dairy products of the Republic of Belarus and Russian Federation.
ESP Industries Ltd. is an approved supplier of the world's global corporations that produce food products (Heineken, Carlsberg Group, Coca-Сola, PepsiCo, Danone).

We provide our customers with a wide range of PET preforms with various bottleneck standards, weight characteristics and color solutions for non-alcoholic carbonated beverages, mineral and drinking water, dairy products, juices and juice-based drinks, beer, rye beer, vegetable oil, sauces, as well as different food, cosmetic and chemical household products.

Sales Department for Preform, Caps and Consumer Packaging

Tel/fax: +375 17 503 30 38
E-mail info@espacking.by

Please, send us your request by filling in the required options in the configurator and we will select the most efficient packaging solution that best suits your needs.


Bottleneck standard:
  • PCO 1881PCO 1881
  • PCO 1810PCO 1810
  • Bericap 38mmBericap 38mm
  • Bericap 48mmBericap 48mm
  • OilOil
    PCO 1881 PCO 1810 Bericap 38mm Bericap 48mm DIN Oil BPF
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