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To suppliers of raw stock and materials

ESP Industries Ltd. organizes bidding for procurement of the raw stock and materials in the period from September 25 until October 25.

Bidding procedure:

  • September 25 - October 5 – accepting bids from suppliers;
  • Until October 10 - provision of reply from us;
  • Until October 20 - negotiations and contract award;
  • Until October 25 - signing of the contract of delivery.

Types of raw stock and materials subject to procurement

Manufacturing of the polyamide casing
Polyamide 6 (polycaproamide, nylon 6, PA-6)
Polyamide 6/6.6 (PA-6/6.6)
Amorphous polyamide 6I/6T (PA-6I/6T, amorphous PA-6I/6T)
Low density polyethylene (LDPE)
Polyamide-based masterbatches
Polyethylene-based masterbatches
Antiblock - polyamide-based antiblock additive
Adhesive (glue)
Two-component alcohol-based inks for flexographic printing
Cationic UV (ultraviolet)-curable inks for flexographic printing
N-propanol - propyl alcohol
Ethyl acetate
Medical white mineral oil for shirring
Corrugated boxes
Liner bags
Packaging net
Clips (clamps)
Spirally twisted paper and cardboard spools-cartridges
PVP - polyvinylpyrrolidone
Glauber's salt (sodium sulphate decahydrate)
Stretch film
Polyurethane foam
Polypropylene packaging tape, polyethylene terephthalate packaging tape
Packing seal/ buckle
Manufacturing of the PET preform
Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) Copolymer
Liquid and granular dyes for PET
Corrugated boxes
Low-density polyethelene (LDPE) bag
Mold release agent
Manufacturing of the polymer cap
High density polyethylene (HDPE)
Dye masterbatches (masterbatches, granular pigment masterbatch (GPMB)) for high density polyethylene (HDPE)
Corrugated boxes
Liner bag
Stretch film
Manufacturing of bags for in-house applications
Polyethelene food wrap, sleeve

Please, register on our webiste and fill in an application, in order to part take in our bidding. We also kindly ask that you submit the documents according to the list provided in the product requirements, which will become available together with the sample purchase agreement under your personal User Account after registration.

To suppliers of auxiliary products, other commodities and materials

List of auxiliary products, commodities and materials subject to procurement
Nylon chalk
Hydrochloric acid
Cleaning supplements
Tapes, adhesive tapes, insulating tapes
Metal brackets
Rope packing for spirit duplication and UV printing
Doctor blades, blades
Silicone spray
Personal protective equipment
Wiping waste, cotton sheeting
Household equipment, brooms, brushes
Carbon-dioxide ice
Lubricants, sealants
Laboratory petrochemicals
Oil for equipment
First aid kits
Spare parts for injection moulding presses, blow-and-blow machines, shirring machines, printing presses and extrusion lines
Please, contact us with your cooperation proposals at +375 17 503 39 42 or send in your proposals by e-mail to info@espacking.by.

To suppliers of transportation services

We would like to invite transportation companies and sole proprietors for cooperation with our company in the field of organizing and conducting transportation of ESP Industries Ltd. products by road, as well as of delivering our products to customers and bringing the required raw materials to us.

Regular road transportation routes
Delivery of products to customers in the regions of the Republic of Belarus
Delivery of products to customers in the regions of the Russian Federation
Gatovo-Grodno and back
United Kingdom-Minsk

In order to increase the efficiency of our cooperation, we kindly ask you to review the requirements that we put forth for the suppliers of transportation services, as well as the approved transportation rates. The information is available under your personal User Account.

Please, contact us with your cooperation proposals at +375 17 503 39 44 or send in your proposals by e-mail to info@espacking.by.

Our suppliers