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Polyamide Casing

ESP INDUSTRIES Ltd. currently offers ESP1 Barrier one-layered casing for sausages (sausage links, thick short sausages) and ESP7 Barrier multi-layered casing for sausages, pâtés, cheeses, butter, ice-creams and other food products. We also offer maximum preparation of the polyamide casing for further use by processing companies, which helps to substantially decrease the prime cost of the packaged product.


The quality of the ESP7 Barrier multi-layered casing is much higher than that of the existing national and many foreign competitors: because we combine seven layers consisting of the polymers with various characteristics, we are able to offer the casing with extremely high barrier properties.

The ESP1 Barrier one-layered polyamide casing is unprecedented in the Republic of Belarus. Prior to the launch of production by ESP Industries Ltd. this type of artificial casing for all kinds of thin sausages, sausage links, thick short sausages and mini-sausages has been imported to the country.

In 2015 ESP1 Barrier one-layered polyamide casing and ESP7 Barrier multi-layered polyamide casing won the contest "Best Products in the Republic of Belarus" under the nomination "Goods of Production and Technical Applications". Moreover ESP1 Barrier one-layered polyamide casing has also received the status of the "New Product of the Year" (Resolution No. 62 of the State Standardization Committee of the Republic of Belarus "On Winners (Award Winners) of the Contest "Best Products in the Republic of Belarus" in 2015" dated December 30, 2015).

We have received a declaration of compliance with the technical regulations of the Customs Inion "On Safety of Packaging" (TR CU 005/2011) with respect to our polyamide casing.

ESP Barrier casing meets the European requirements applicable to the polymer materials and products made of such polymer materials, when such are intended for contact with food products (Commission Regulation EU No. 10/2011).

Recommendations on application of ESP Barrier polyamide casing are available to the authorized users under User Account

Advantages of ESP Barrier polyamide casing
  • Eliminates the risk of microbiological spoilage due to the use of materials that are insensitive to microorganisms.
  • Has high barrier properties with respect to the oxygen, which ensures retaining of the flavor and odor of the spices and product, eliminates the risk of chemical racidification of fat and oxidation of spices retaining the organoleptic properties and appearance of the products during the entire shelf life of the product.
  • Offers stable operation in the automatic mode due to the uniqueness of the equipment and processes, as well as due to its flexibility.
  • Ensures stable filling.
  • Implies minimum losses of weight during both, thermal treatment and storage.
  • Has great mechanical strength and elasticity.
  • Provides for long storage period of the finished product.
Design and printing

ESP Industries Ltd. also offers overprinting services for the polyamide casing. Company professionals develop dummy layouts for printing, as well as the corporate design for the product line, which is why the customer products acquire unique design, and the products become more competitive.


ESP1 Barrier one-layered casing is shirred into a solid tubular strand with various types of seals at ends for various types of equipment.

ESP7 Barrier multi-layered casing can also be supplied in a shirred form.

Service and support

We offer:

  • Consultations on selecting the right kind of casing;
  • Testing of the new product types;
  • Consultations on setting up the equipment for the best results of casing application;
  • Prompt assistance should there appear any issues associated with the use of the casing; we will send a specialist to the location, when and if required;
  • Development of the dummy layouts for printing; when and if necessary, development of the corporate design for the product range.

Sales Department for Artificial Casing

Tel/fax: +375 17 503 30 39
E-mail: casing@espacking.by
Hotline for products of unknown origin and of dubious quality:
+375 44 553 38 32
+375 17 503 39 42

Our dealer in the Republic of Belarus:

Min Poli-Pak LLC
220141, Republic of Belarus, ul. Skoriny, bldg. No. 50, of. 12
Tel.: +375 17 264-32-50
Tel/fax: +375 17 266 08 51

Our dealer in the Russian Federation:

Solvi Pak LLC
141400, Russia, Moscow, Nagornoye shosse, bldg. 2 
Tel/fax: +7 495 540 53 04

Our dealer in the Ukraine:

61033, Ukraine, Kharkiv Oblast, Kharkiv, ul. Shevchenko 317, of. A-0415
Tel/fax: +380 57 752 03 01
E-mail: atrim-pack@ya.ru

Our dealer in Lithuania:

Rivona UAB
Savanoriu ave. 176
LT-03154 Vilnius
Tel/fax: +370 346 67 050
Mobile: + 370 656 80 823
E-mail: ramunas.alionis@rivona.lt


Our dealer in Kazakhstan

KazTechnologyPak LLP
Almaty, pr. Raiymbeka, 237A
Tel/fax: +7 727 378 80 91
Tel/fax: +7 727 378 80 93
Tel.: +7 727 378 77 81

Our dealer in Kyrgyz Republic:

Ilshat Nadjatovich Akbarov, sole proprietor
Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, pr. Pobedy, 338
Tel: + 996 312 60 39 96
Mobile: + 996 555 27 72 15
E-mail: ilshat1604@mail.ru

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ESP1 barrier, ESP7 barrier - the winner of the contest "Best Goods of Belarus" in 2015
Resolution of the State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus № 62 dated 12.30.2015 "On the winners (winners) of the competition" Best Goods of Belarus "2015"


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