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We monitor customer satisfaction!

As our product move from the manufacturer to the customer, we conduct all the required control at each step of the way over compliance with the customer requirements associated with the product quality, packaging, delivery time, procurement of required documentation and with the other issues.

According to the requirements established by the company, we use the following techniques in exploring and assessing the wishes and satisfaction of our customers:
  • Thorough analysis of the customer requirements prior to executing contracts for supply of our products;
  • Annual surveying of the product customers;
  • Customer satisfaction analysis;
  • Development, implementation and performance assessment with respect to any activities that are designed to increase customer satisfaction.

We would like to thank you for partnering with us and using the products manufactured by our company in your operations.

Please, fill in the following customer satisfaction assessment survey in order to help us improve the quality of our cooperation:

You can fill in the Customer Satisfaction Survey under the personal User Account of the Company.

Service and support

We are happy to offer our maintenance services free of charge, which is one the key advantages that puts us ahead of the other polymer packaging suppliers. We try to provide our customers with maintenance services that cover as many as aspects as possible, so that they would be able to work on developing their businesses without any distractions.

Our service and support includes the following aspects:
  • Pre-sale consultation aimed at getting to know the specifics of the customer production processes;
  • Testing of the new product types;
  • Consultation on setting up the equipment, which helps to increase efficiency and performance of production lines;
  • Assistance in switching from one packaging standard to another;
  • Consultation on repairing, purchasing and upgrading of production lines and equipment;
  • Monitoring of the quality of the processed packaging, when and if necessary - adjustment of production processes;
  • Assistance in resolving any issues that surface in the process, including those associated with on-site visits by our specialists;
  • Consultations and training of the process support personnel working with the production line;
  • Marketing consultations on the market conditions, which includes provision of the information available with respect to the market/market sector;
  • Consultations on selecting the best packaging type and design, developing the concept for the new product, choosing the market sector that fits best;
  • Provision of timely information to customers on the market development trends and development of proposals on improvement or enhancement of the brand portfolio;
  • Review of customer suggestions and proposals on improvement of the customer performance of the packaging.

You can request online consultation with ESP Industries Ltd. Professionals under your personal User Account.

Our products for different industries

Companies involved in the meat packing industry
ESP INDUSTRIES Ltd. currently offers ESP1 Barrier one-layered casing for sausages (sausage links, thick short sausages) and ESP7 Barrier multi-layered casing for sausages, pâtés and other food products. We also offer maximum preparation of the polyamide casing for further use by processing companies, which helps to substantially decrease the prime cost of the packaged product.
Producers of dairy products

We offer the following types of the polymer packaging to the companies that produce dairy products:

  • ESP Barrier casing for cheese spreads, butter, ice-cream and other products;
  • PET packaging.

It has not been very long since milk in PET packaging got introduced to the Belarusian market, but it does gain greater popularity among consumers and manufacturers every year. That's why the market share of the product is also constantly growing.

Advantages of PET packaging for milk and dairy products:

  • Ease of use for end consumers;
  • Attractive and presentable packaging;
  • Ease of transportation and laying of products on the shelf;
  • High export potential;
  • High performance of filling line.
Beer manufacturers

Prior to commencement of manufacturing of the PET packaging, we worked mainly in the field of supplying the beer and beverages that had been produced domestically to the retailers in the Republic of Belarus. This has helped us identify and understand the needs of both, the companies operating in the brewing industry and the end users. Today, in manufacturing our PET packaging, we build our business process in a way that would ensure that both the sides are satisfied to the greatest extent.

We guarantee timely deliveries
We provide the companies operating within the brewing industry with specific guarantees that the PET preforms they order would be supplied on time even at the peak of the seasonal demand.

We help select color and design solutions
We are happy to help you select the color scheme for the beer bottle per your request and in accordance with your requirements. These are normally represented by all shades of green and brown. The PET preforms manufactured by our company are suitable for molding of bottles of any designs.

We care about the quality and shelf life of beer
We use innovative manufacturing processes that enable us to add certain components to the composition of the PET packaging so as to improve its barrier characteristics and therefore help retain the taste of the beer and extend its shelf life.

We work on reducing your costs
Because we constantly improve our processes and cooperate closely with our partners throughout the entire production cycle, we are able to decrease the weight of the preform used without compromising its quality or customer performance. This in its turn results in a decreased prime cost of the beer without any deterioration of its taste. All of that makes our customers more competitive under today's conditions.

We will be happy to welcome you among our customers!
Beverage manufacturers

Today PET packaging is widely used in production of the drinking and mineral water, as well as of non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beverages. 98% of the whole volume of the aforementioned products is bottled into PET packaging, which of course is a true indication of the substantial advantages of this type of packaging.

Today our company offers packaging for non-alcoholic carbonated drinks, mineral and drinking water, and that packaging meets even the highest requirements of the leading companies within this industry.

Wine companies

We provide our customers with the most innovative packaging solutions. For instance, we recommend our preform and the finished PET bottle to the companies involved in production of wine and of the other alcohol products. Application of the PET packaging for alcoholic products has proven to be efficient in the global markets.

Advantages of the PET packaging as compared to other packaging types:

  • Relatively low cost;
  • No breakage;
  • Relatively low weight;
  • The possibility to manufacture products with any design and volume;
  • Cutting of the logistics costs;
  • Convenience for the end user.

Application of the finished PET bottle helps to substantially increase the competitive ability of your products.

Our maintenance professionals are always prepared to conduct on-site visits to your manufacturing facilities and to provide any kind of required assistance or consultation.

Other customers

Our manufacturing facilities and processes enable production of packaging designed for application in any field of operation.

In developing our business we are guided primarily by satisfaction of the requirements of our customers . We are always prepared to expand the range of our products and manufacture the packaging required specifically for your business per your request.

We will be happy to discuss our possible cooperation and provide additional information about our company and our products at any time.

Our customers