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ESP Industries Ltd. is a recognized expert in the field of packaging solutions. The company specializes in manufacturing of the following types of products:

ESP Industries Ltd. is focused on continuous improvement and cooperation. We treat our personnel, our customers and suppliers, as well as the end users of the products packaged in our casings as our partners.

Our key markets are:

Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Lithuania, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyz Republic.

Our mission:
"We manufacture packaging that helps our clients generate additional profit and preserves the product the way it has been created for the consumers to enjoy. As we work on our packaging, we take care of our environment at each step of the way, for we are a part of that environment."


  • A recognized leader in the market of PET packaging and polymer cap in the Republic of Belarus
  • Leading manufacturer of the polyamide casing in the Eastern Europe
  • Well-balanced combination of cost-efficient growth, sustainable development principles and corporate social responsibilities


  • Highest requirements with respect to production setup and development
  • Top global processes in the field of polymer processing and packaging production
  • New state-of-the-art equipment from the leading manufacturers


  • Quality management system and food safety management system in accordance with the requirements outlined in ISO 9001 and FSSC:22000
  • In-house testing laboratory
  • Approved supplier for the world's global corporations that produce food products

Customer-oriented approach

  • Continuous analysis of the customer requirements and industry development trends
  • Tailoring the product range based on the market needs, both - current and future
  • Exploring the most efficient packaging solutions for our customers


The story of ESP Industries Ltd. started with a small company consisting of just 4 persons. Today ESP Industries Ltd. is a multi-product manufacturing complex with the total area of over 12000 m2. It brings together some 200 employees, all driven for success. The rapid growth comes hand in hand with high-quality expansion. We master production of new product lines, integrate innovative processes and improve our existing product range.


Beertrade JLLC is founded. Main area of operations - wholesale and commission business with respect to beer and beverages.


Based on the market needs analysis and the experience of the leading world manufacturers, we set up our own production facilities on manufacturing of the PET packaging in Grodno.


We substantially expand our production capacities on manufacturing of the PET preforms by bringing into production HUSKY high-performance injection molding system.

With each year to follow the company witnesses dynamic growth of the PET preform production volumes.


Beertrade JLLC is renamed into ESP Industries Ltd.

The quality management system is certified for compliance with international standard ISO 9001:2008.


The company acquires a second manufacturing site in Minsk region (agro-town Gatovo), where the quality management system is applied within the same year.


We set up in-house production of the polymer caps at the manufacturing site in agro-town Gatovo.

The food safety management system is certified for compliance with the requirements of the FSSC 22000 standard.

We commission our in-house testing laboratory.


The company expands its production capacities with respect to manufacturing of the finished PET bottles through putting into operation high-performance blow molding equipment and mastering production of the new types of bottles and flacons for cosmetic toiletries and fragrances.


We launch manufacturing of the one-layered and multi-layered polyamide casing ESP Barrier. We commission KUHNE extrusion lines, WEINERT shirring machines, KPG flexo presses for spirit duplication and UV-printing.

Today ESP INDUSTRIES LTD. has everything it needs to continue exploring the new horizons for the company. We see our achievements as a start to a great journey, which we would like to take together with you.


The company places special emphasis on the quality of its equipment. It conducts business only with the best manufacturers and suppliers, which have proven themselves by successful operation for many years. All of the equipment that is used to manufacture polymer packaging (HUSKY injection molding systems for production of PET preforms and polymer caps, TEREKAS and Nissei ASB blow molding equipment, KUHNE extrusion lines, WEINERT shirring machines, KPG flexo presses for spirit duplication and UV-printing) is produced with the help of high state-of-the-art technologies and enables production of packaging of the highest quality.

The company professionals continuously follow global innovations and work to create the most efficient packaging solutions for their customers ensuring them that their products will be safe.


Continuous control over the product quality in the process of the product creation, as well as ongoing improvement of the physical and mathematical indicators coupled with aspiration to lower the environmental load on the natural environment around us, helps us create the safest and most efficient packaging that meets the requirements of both, the industrial consumers and each one of us - end users - personally.

In order to increase the trust towards our company and its operations, as well as to make the company more competitive through conducting quality control of the products at each stage of the product life cycle - starting with product development and up until product operation - we have set up our own in-house testing laboratory with the measurement equipment supplied by the leading world manufacturers.

The high quality of the products offered by ESP Industries Ltd. has been verified by the EC-type certificates, testing certificates from the international companies and research and development centers.

The company has implemented the quality management system and food safety management system in accordance with the requirements outlined in ISO 9001 and FSSC:22000.